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Allocation of Exhibition Space

Space Allocation will be made on a “first come, first served” basis. A completed Exhibition Booking Form should be emailed to ensure reservation of a desired location. Upon receipt of the Exhibition Booking Form space will be confirmed and an invoice will be emailed and the printed one can be mailed upon request. Please note that three alternative choices should be clearly indicated on the application form. Space allocations will be made in the order in which application forms with payment are received. ** Note for corner stalls ( two side opening ) an premium charge of 15% will be charged Extra *



Booth Inclusions

Each exhibition booth includes the following items:

  • Booth Shell
  • Fascia sign with your organization’s name
  • 2mtr X 2mtr
  • two chairs
  • two spotlights
  • one general use power outlet



  • We will need your LOGO.
  • Your logo should be a high resolution PNG, JPG or TIFF image,
  • no less than 250 KB in size.
  • It will be used on the web print.


Exhibitor Registration

  • All exhibitors are required to be registered and will receive a badge displaying the exhibiting company name. Two (2) exhibitor badges will be given for 9 sqm booked.
  • An Exhibitor Badge allows your booth personnel full access to the exhibition, to your own company’s session and to the Opening Ceremony – but not to the general conference program.


Floor Plan